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Battle of the Books Committee
​Contact Information

For general information please reach out to:

regional Director:

Marni Zabel


Emilie Frei

Facilities Coordinator:

Mike Herr


Heidi McCartney

T-Shirts & Registration:

Holli Burns

Book Selection Steering Committee

Jane Broeckelman

Judges and Scheduling Coordinator:

Melanie Jaramillo

Question Writing Coordinator:

Jane Broeckelman

District Reps

Harrison District 2:

Marika Gillis

Colorado Springs District 11:

Rick Spruce

Air Academy District 20:

Holli Burns

​Widefield District 3:

Jo Hoffman

Cheyenne Mountain District 12:

Misty Thompson

Lewis Palmer District 38:

Kelle Parks

Fountain/Fort Carson District 8:

Donna Sabala

Falcon District 49:

Cynthia Webb

catholic diocese of Colorado Springs:

Rebecca Wilson